My Hero Academia Reveals Izuku Will Get New Quirks From One For All

My Hero Academia revealed that Izuku Midoriya will be getting new quirks from One For All with the [...]

My Hero Academia revealed that Izuku Midoriya will be getting new quirks from One For All with the newest episode of the series! The fifth season of the anime might currently be in the midst of a training exercise between Class 1-A and 1-B, but one of the most interesting teases leading into this arc was a strange dream Izuku had within the space of One For All. This dream gave Izuku (and fans) a clear look at more of the past vestiges within the power, and the newest episode of the series capitalized on this by taking it one step further.

The newest episode of the series picked up from the final match of the joint training exercise as Izuku Midoriya's group took on Monoma Naito's 1-B group. While it started off like all of the other battles so far, a major twist came about when Izuku's One For All started going berserk and activated a brand new power. As its soon revealed to him, however, this won't be the last of these new abilities as Izuku still has six more to go.

My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya One For All New Quirks
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Episode 98 of the series saw Izuku's One For All go haywire and he began to emit a black energy from his arm. When he's put into a brainwashing state by Hitoshi Shinso, Izuku wakes up in the same black void he woke up within One For All episodes prior. It's different this time, however, as he soon comes face to face with one of the past vestiges directly. The one who actually owned this new quirk.

This past vestige yells as Izuku for using it incorrectly as now is the time for One For All to truly manifest. Short on time, this past user explains that the quirk that exploded out of Izuku was his own and it had been made much stronger within One For All. He explains that the past user's individual quirk factors blended together with the core power of One For All over the years, and has been getting bigger as a result.

Because of this change in the point of origin, One For All itself is getting stronger. After going through eight people, Izuku will soon get six more quirks manifesting within himself. They'll all be made much stronger thanks to being preserved within One For All, but now Izuku's new goal is to master all of these new One For All abilities without losing control of himself or his power anymore.

With Izuku's increasing proficiency with One For All, these new quirks have thrown a major wrench in the equation. But what do you think of Izuku's new One For All power? Curious to see what other powers he'll unlock in future episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!