My Hero Academia Twist Explains Izuku's OFA Test

My Hero Academia's latest arc has been all about exploring the power of One For All that Izuku [...]

My Hero Academia's latest arc has been all about exploring the power of One For All that Izuku Midoriya and All Might share. The war between Pro Heroes and the villains' Paranormal Liberation Front army culminated with All For One attacking Deku and trying to leech the power of OFA from him; thanks to the help of OFA's predecessors, Deku was able to repel All For One and keep his power safe. However, that effort has left Izuku's mind trapped in a comatose state, so that the previous One For All users can put him to the test - only now, we know it's a test that comes with a big twist!

Warning! My Hero Academia Chapter 305 SPOILERS Follow!

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia saw Izuku drawn into a strangely vivid meeting space with the OFA realm, where all eight of the previous users convened to meet with him. Their conversation was a revealing history lesson about the true purpose of One For All, based on the tragic fates of its users. It's deemed that Deku will likely be the final OFA user and that because he was originally quirkless (like All Might) he holds the greatest potential to unlock One For All's true power!

But therein lies the twist in this little OFA "test" that Izuku is being put through...

As it turns out, OFA's predecessors didn't just bring Izuku in for a history lesson: they needed a deeper test of his character. The OFA users let Deku know that he has the greatest potential for ultimate power - and then question what he intends to do with hit. Specifically, OFA's seventh user, Nana Shimura, asked Izuku point-blank if he is willing to kill her grandson, Tomura Shigaraki. However, Izuku's new mission is to do quite the opposite: he wants to save Shigaraki from All For One's control!

My Hero Academia Manga 305 Ending Cliffhanger Spoilers
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Deku doesn't back down from the intimidating meeting with the OFA predecessors - he stands with full resolve that saving Shigaraki (or anyone) rather than fighting them is the true purpose of One For All. That turns out to be exactly the right answer: Once One For All's original user (All For One's little brother) hears this from Izuku, he declares that the boy is truly fit to access the power's full potential. Once the final two predecessors (no. 2 and no. 3) a long last make contact with Deku, he'll hold a power that can truly make him the no. 1 hero...

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