My Hero Academia Reveals the Vision Izuku Had of Shigaraki

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a hero, and his introduction to All Might set him up to [...]

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a hero, and his introduction to All Might set him up to become one of the world's greatest saviors. While that title is a lofty one, it does come with some pitfalls such as having an arch-nemesis. Shigaraki has become that villain for Izuku, but as it turns out, our hero had a strange vision of Shigaraki that has made fans re-examine the baddie.

The whole revelation went down in the manga when My Hero Academia put out chapter 305. The update checked in on Izuku as he spoke with Nana Shimura about whether he could kill Shigaraki if need be. With all of the former inheritors around him, Izuku said he would do what was needed, but he was determined to save Shigaraki if possible.

my hero academia izuku shigaraki

And why might that be? Well, it turns out Izuku had a vision of Shigaraki not too long ago, and he saw something deep in the villain's soul that shook him.

"When Shigaraki's consciousness invaded One For All, when he was focusing so hard on his own dream, I felt it inside all that rage. I felt a little boy crying," Izuku revealed.

This update left Nana completely taken aback, and Izuku went on to say he wanted to save Shigaraki from his lonely pain. He has been isolated for so long, and the abusive grooming done to Shigaraki by All For One has just made things worse. If Izuku wants to be the number one hero, he must be able to save anyone crying out for help. And now that he has seen Shigaraki's true self on the inside, he is determined to right a wrong done by All For One.

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