My Hero Academia Unlocks a New Level of Izuku's Rage Mode

The fight between Tomura Shigaraki and the heroes has reached a fever pitch, and the newest chapter of My Hero Academia has unlocked a new level of Izuku Midoriya's "rage mode." One of the major discoveries Izuku Midoriya had made ever since unlocking the Blackwhip quirk within One For All was how anger and rage will better help his body use One For All's power. This has been the chance in the fight against Tomura Shigaraki specifically as we have seen a raging Deku increasingly master his One For All limits and abilities at a quicker rate than ever.

But as we are also beginning to see, it's having a distinctly visual impact on his body as well. This comes to fruition in the newest chapter of the series as not only does Deku grow far stronger as he's fueled by his rage, but the way series creator Kohei Horikoshi depicts him in the series is more intense, violent, and darker.

After Deku failed to take Shigaraki down with his last attack, Bakugo jumped in the way before Shigaraki landed a wounding blow. Bakugo seems to have survived the attack, but seeing this made Deku go into a wilder frenzy than when he saw Gran Torino taking a fatal looking blow. In his mind, he begins to remember how he was told that he could be much stronger by utilizing his anger.

My Hero Academia Izuku Rage Mode
(Photo: Viz Media)

Making sure to control himself, yet fully dive into his rage against Shigaraki, Deku morphs with the power of One For All into a violent shadow. Charging straight at Shigaraki, it appears that this form is exactly what All For One seems to want as he begins to take control of Shigaraki's body. This means that we don't get to see the full extent of this rage boost, however.


Deku might be able to get a huge boost thanks to his rage, but there's also something definitely dangerous about this mode. He's being depicted in this way for a reason as it's not exactly the heroic kind of look that he would specifically want. There's got to be a version of this power where he has more emotional and physical control. But what do you think?

What do you think of Deku's new level of rage mode? Do you think this is the kind of power Deku will be exploring more? Is there going to be a version of this that does not look so wild? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!