My Hero Academia Just Put One For All in Its Greatest Danger Yet

My Hero Academia has given fans info on One For All in a slow drip. Details about the quirk continue to pop up in each arc, and every new lesson leaves fans with even more questions. Of course, things are no different in the manga's ongoing arc, and it seems a few major questions are being asked about Izuku's power now. After all, the quirk is in more danger than ever before, and it is all thanks to Shigaraki.

The latest update for My Hero Academia went live this past weekend, and it was there fans devoured chapter 286. Not only did the new chapter follow up with Bakugo after the boy was gravely wounded, but it went somewhere totally unexpected. Fans watched as All For One got his hands on Izuku, and it seemed like he was about to take his quirk.

"Finally got ahold of you. One For All is mine," the villain gloated before the scenery around them changed. Shigaraki was caught off-guard as he entered the mindscape of One For All. Izuku was left immobilized by the change as was Shigaraki, but our hero has no reason to worry. After all, he has Nana Shimura and the vestiges of One For All on his side.

my hero academiaa

The same cannot be said for All For One, so fans are eager to see how this fight goes down. After all, the fate of a very powerful quirk rests on this battle. Fans are fairly confident Izuku will leave this match with this quirk intact, but the encounter will prompt Shigaraki to research new ways to take Izuku's power. It would only make sense for Shigaraki to desire One For All since it was created to destroy him. For now, fans hope no headway is made in stunting Izuku's quirk, so here's to hoping Shigaraki gets booted before too long.

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