My Hero Academia Teases Izuku's Cursed Power

My Hero Academia's big War Arc has drawn the entire hero and villain communities into a major skirmish, and at the heart of it all is the ultimate showdown between Izuku Midoriya and his rival Tomura Shigaraki. Both boys have seen their powers pushed to new (terrifying) heights as a result of the war, and now the true interconnected nature of both Deku's One For All quirk and Shigaraki's All For One power are coming to light. If the latest My Hero Academia manga is any indication, Izuku may be in for the tragic revelation that One For All's power is even more costly than he thought!

Warning! My Hero Academia Manga 285 Spoilers Follow!

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia finds Deku still pushing to the limit to take down Shigaraki in the main battle of the hero's raid. Izuku is using more of One For All's raw power than ever before, plus employing and controlling the secondary quirks that come with it (Blackwhip, Float), just to keep Shigaraki from regaining composure and unleashing another mass-scale destructive attack.

As Izuku battles, Bakugo is watching on in dread, as the only one on the scene who truly understands the damage that Deku is doing to his body by unleashing so much power at once. We once again see a flashback to Bakugo's conversation with All Might during Izuku's training in using multiple quirks; the time when Bakugo pressed All Might about the mystery of One For All's 4th user - the only one whose secrets All Might refuses to share with anyone. The former No. 1 hero confided in Bakugo that his secrecy about One For All's 4th User was out of worry for Izuku, and while watching Izuku maxing out his power in the battle with Shigaraki, Bakugo directly refers to One For All as a "Cursed Power." Be that as it may, Bakugo also recognizes that One For All has the power to inspire good in so many people, despite the hefty cost to the user.

My Hero Academia Manga 285 Spoilers Izuku One For All 4th User Powers
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

My Hero Academia has always centered around the mystery of the One For All and All For One power - and the connection between the two brothers that spawned the powers. The mystery of One For All's 4th User has been hiding in plain sight all along; it seems to be a pivotal piece of the puzzle that will open the door to the big revealing explanation of what One For All and All For One actually are - and what happens if both powers are combined in one person.


Whatever happens next, My Hero Academia doesn't seem like it will ever be the same story after this.

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.