My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Bakugo's Critical Status

My Hero Academia fans have been waiting in limbo for a week now, and it is all because of Bakugo [...]

My Hero Academia fans have been waiting in limbo for a week now, and it is all because of Bakugo Katsuki. The manga got the fandom stirred up with its last chapter as it saw the explosive hero make a last-minute save. In order to keep Izuku alive, Bakugo rushed forward and was impaled by All For One in battle. And thanks to chapter 286, fans have an update on how the hero is faring.

For those who have seen the new My Hero Academia chapter, they will know the update was a dark one. Izuku was as horrified as expected when he saw the damage Bakugo took. The blonde hero is shown spitting out blood shortly after being impaled, and his shoulder is gushing blood as well. As you can tell, Bakugo isn't close to death at the moment, but the wounds he sustained are most definitely critical.

Still, Bakugo is able to speak before he falls towards the ground. He tells Izuku to "stop trying to win this on your own" before he drops. The boy falls into the grip of Todoroki as the boy dove straight for Bakugo, and it seems the hero is knocked out cold by the time his fall is stopped.

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This cliffhanger is to be expected despite how upset fans were over the ordeal. There are no medics onsite, but Todoroki is the one being tasked with first aid. He will be able to give emergency aid to Bakugo and his father after the pair were impaled. But as we all know, Bakugo got the worst wounds given his gut injury. It will fall to Todoroki to stave the bleeding until real medics arrive, and this latest chapter promises reinforcements are on the way. The only question is whether they will make it in time.

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