My Hero Academia: Why Did Bakugo Follow Izuku Into Battle?

My Hero Academia has few rivalries most toxic than the one between Izuku and Bakugo. The former [...]

My Hero Academia has few rivalries most toxic than the one between Izuku and Bakugo. The former childhood friends have a difficult history as Bakugo became a textbook bully following the arrival of his Quirk. Of course, the manga has helped smooth the pair out over the years, but fans were still shocked when Bakugo chose to follow Izuku into battle recently.

But as it turns out, Bakugo did not go after his classmate for a selfless reason. The boy has a promise to keep to All Might... and there is a certain grudge he is holding against Shigaraki.

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia explained Bakugo's reasoning. Izuku was stunned when he realized Bakugo was chasing after him as they diverted Shigaraki away from civilians fleeing the war-torn city. It was there Bakugo told Izuku why he tagged along, and it has to do with One For All.

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"Use your freakin' head. We're short on time, and who's the only guy who knows your deal without needing some long-winded explanation? Me! Duh," Bakugo said.

"You think you're the main character now or something? I've got unfinished business with that piece of crap."

Of course, Bakugo is talking about none other than Shigaraki. The baddie might have gotten the power boost of a lifetime, but he wronged Bakugo nonetheless. The boy was taken hostage by the League of Villains during the Summer Training Camp arc, and Bakugo still blames himself for being nabbed. If he hadn't, the ill-tempered hero believes All Might would have never been forced to retire, and Bakugo feels plenty of guilt about that. So if the boy has a chance to take Shigaraki down, you best believe he is taking it.

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