Toonami Confirms My Hero Academia Season 4 Finale Premiere Date

My Hero Academia's fourth season finale might have aired weeks ago when it came to the original [...]

My Hero Academia's fourth season finale might have aired weeks ago when it came to the original Japanese version, but the English Dub has yet to arrive on Cartoon Network's Toonami and the programming block has announced when fans in North America will have the chance to watch the final episode of the latest anime installment. With the final episode focusing on the battle between Endeavor and Hawks as they fight against the latest biological nightmare from the League of Villains, the High End Nomu, fans who have yet to watch the finale are in for some big surprises!

With a fifth season of the popular anime franchise already confirmed, the finale for the fourth season gives us plenty to think about when it comes to what events might transpire in the upcoming adventures of Class 1-A. The final episode of season four features Endeavor coming to grips with his new position as the number one hero, and whether or not he can truly live up to the high standard that All Might had set during his time as the "Symbol of Peace". On top of this battle with the top professional heroes of the world against the High End Nomu, Midoriya discovers some big time implications for his own Quirk of One For All!

Toonami confirmed that the final episode of season four for My Hero Academia would arrive next Saturday, June 27th, giving us the English Dub version of the tail end of the latest adventures for Midoriya, Endeavor, Hawks, and the other heroes of the universe that brought us UA Academy:

As many know, the English Dub for My Hero Academia was delayed thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, with social distancing making it much more difficult to remain on a consistent schedule. Luckily, it seems as if fans won't have to wait much longer to see the final episode of the latest season. The fifth season of My Hero Academia is currently in development, though a release date has yet to be revealed, but there are definitely going to be even more high impact battles that take place in the future of the franchise.

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