My Hero Academia Introduces Endeavor's Newest Sidekick

When you live in a world filled with superheroes, there are those in the spotlight and those who [...]

When you live in a world filled with superheroes, there are those in the spotlight and those who are not. Top heroes like Mirko and Endeavor are easy to spot in the news while My Hero Academia sidekicks take backseat credit. But thanks to a newly introduced aide, it seems Endeavor was able to make up a lot of lost ground in his fight with Shigaraki.

The debut took place in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. The update given in chapter 276 saw Endeavor embark on a hunt for Shigaraki. The newly powered villain has become enemy number one for every pro hero given his latest stunt. After inheriting All For One, the boy was able to decay one-third of a major city without even touching it, and Endeavor isn't keen on letting that happen again.

Shigaraki managed to slip past Endeavor in an earlier chapter, but the Number One Hero is determined to keep fighting. Despite being so far from the villain, Endeavor rockets forward at the beginning of chapter 276, and that is because his newest sidekick has the ability to alter his direction on a whim.

endeavor mha

"Need a lift? I've got one ready," Kido tells Endeavor after being called on.

According to the manga, Kido is one of the juniors under Endeavor, and he acts as a sort of honing missile. The man wields a quirk called Traject which allows him to change the course a body in motion is heading. In this case, Endeavor was flying west so quickly that he could not adjust his heading, so Kido used his power to instantaneously make Endeavor fly northwest. The power might not be as flashy as Bakuggo's explosions but it is definitely useful for fast fliers like the Number One Hero. So who knows? Maybe Ingenium will need someone like this on his team down the road!

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