My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Puts Bakugo's Life on the Line

My Hero Academia has the whole fandom up in arms this week, and it is all thanks to a new chapter. The series saw chapter 285 go live this past weekend, and it was there fans watched as Katsuki Bakugo stepped into the light as a full-fledged hero. Unfortunately, the chapter's cliffhanger put the hero in a very scary place, and fans are doing their best to relax as they wait for a status update on Izuku's oldest friend.

The latest chapter was a whirlwind of emotions from start to finish. My Hero Academia started off the update with check-in on Izuku as he fought to keep Shigaraki off the ground. It didn't take long before Bakugo took charge of chapter 285, and the issue ended with the hero-in-training skewered on an attack from Shigaraki.

The devastating blow took everyone by surprise as Bakugo intercepted an attack meant for Izuku. The boy says his mind and body moved on their own to rescue Izuku even if it put himself in danger. Of course, this move has serious parallels to the one Izuku made at the manga's beginning when Bakugo was being attacked by a slime monster. Now, the fiery boy can say he experienced a similar urge, but fans are not sure how (or if) Bakugo will make it out of this situation.

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The cliffhanger shows Bakugo after he's been impaled in two different places. He took one barb in the shoulder while the other shot through his gut. The latter injury is the most concerning one given all the vital organs housed in that area, so netizens are understandably worried. But for now, it seems My Hero Academia fans will have to wait until October 4 for an update on Bakugo's life-or-death predicament.

What do you think about this cliffhanger? Do you think Bakugo is in any real danger, or will he bounce back real fast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.