My Hero Academia Just Made a Major Throwback to Chapter One

My Hero Academia has been around for several years now, and it has done a lot in that time. Not only is the series one of the biggest in Japan but in the entire world. Its colorful anime has enticed fans around the globe, and its manga has kept them on the edge of their seats. And in a recent update, fans were left stunned when a major throwback to chapter one showed up.

The surprise came at the end of chapter 285, and fans are still reeling from it. The manga swung out this week with an emotional roller coaster that saw Izuku fight Shigaraki. The opposed foes are in a fight for their lives, but it is Bakugo who ended the chapter with one foot possibly in the grave.

After all, the chapter ends with the fiery boy stepping in to save Izuku from a rogue hit. The latter was spent after pulling full-power punches on Shigaraki to little success. When the baddie taps into All For One's core to fight back, Izuku had no way of dodging, but Bakugo could. The boy said his mind and body moved on its own to save his friend. And yes, this should sound familiar to you.

my hero academia

After all, this is what happens at the end of My Hero Academia's first chapter. The series began with a masterful explanation of Pro Hero Society and Izuku's place within it. By the end of the chapter, Izuku is shown running into a battle after he sees Bakugo in trouble. The boy moved before he knew it and found a way to buy enough time for Bakugo to be saved by All Might. When asked about the move, Izuku told the Number One Hero his body just reacted, and All Might says that trait makes him a true hero.


Now, it seems like Bakugo can count himself amongst those heroes. That is if he makes it out of this fight okay. It is hard to imagine My Hero Academia maiming or even killing the boy given his popularity. But Bakugo did get impaled as thanks for saving Izuku. Fans can only hope he makes it out alright, and they will get a status update on the boy next week when a new chapter goes live.

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