My Hero Academia Gives Dire Update on Izuku and Shigaraki

My Hero Academia hasn't always been a dark affair, but the series has dipped into some intense arcs as of late. None of these stories are as dark as the ongoing Raid arc, and it seems the story is winding to a close. A climatic battle is on the horizon, and the manga has given fans an update on Shigaraki and Izuku ahead of the fight.

As it turns out, the pair aren't doing so hot. The dire update began out the gate as Izuku pulled back from his confrontation with Shigaraki. The latter was unable to steal One For All during the interaction, and that was thanks to help from the quirk's previous users. Now, All For One is eager for Shigaraki to escape, but the boy isn't going to do as he is told.

My Hero Academia Manga 285 Spoilers Izuku One For All 4th User Powers

In fact, Shigaraki has regained control over himself following the fight with Izuku. All For One can be heard urging Shigaraki to flee the battlefield given his extensive injuries. His regeneration quirk is barely functioning at this point, but Shigaraki will not leave. "You're not the boss of me," the deranged baddie tells All For One, and he makes a slow move towards the heroes.

When it comes to Izuku, the boy is down for the count. He doesn't have a regeneration quirk that we know of, so his wounds are going to heal the hard way. There is little doubt Izuku sustained permanent damage in this battle, and Todoroki caught his friend before he plummeted to the ground. The hero is now giving first aid to Izuku, but with Shigaraki up and walking, the baddie is more mobile than his nemesis.

At this point, things are starting to wind down between the two fighters, but there is no telling how this My Hero Academia arc will end. Some key players are ready to enter the final battlefield at last, so fans can expect some more intense chapters to drop this year. The only question is whether anyone else will die before this Raid arc finally shuts its doors.


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