My Hero Academia: Could Dabi Really Be a Todoroki?

My Hero Academia has left so many questions unanswered for fans in its run, and it seems more questions grows by the day. Theories tend to run rampant within the fandom as fans give their best guesses at what's coming next for their favorite heroes. The same goes for the League of Villains, and we think it is about time My Hero Academia answered one of its juiciest questions yet: Is Dabi really the long-lost brother of Shoto Todoroki?

If you are part of the My Hero Academia fandom, you will know about this theory given its sheer popularity. Fans have been convinced for a long time that Dabi is really the eldest Todoroki child, and there is some solid evidence backing the case. So if you need a breakdown of the theory, we have you covered.

My Hero Academia Anime Dabi Shoto Todoroki Theory

Dabi has kept his identity a mystery for so long now, and despite his important role as a villain, fans know little about his past. The baddie hasn't even shared his real name while his comrades did so long ago. However, his impressive fire quirk and familiar features made fans question his connection to the Todoroki's from day one.

That tie has only tightened recently as fans learned new facts about Dabi and Touya, Endeavor's eldest child. Fans discovered Touya supposedly died in an accident that was likely spurred by Enji Todoroki. Fans believe the accident might have caused Touya to seemingly burn to death, but he ultimately survived with extensive burns. This would explain Dabi's injuries and why they worsen when he uses his quirk.

It is also suspicious that Dabi knows the full identities of Endeavor and Shoto. He refers to the pair by name, and the villain holds a grudge against Endeavor like none other. There is clearly something personal between the two, and fans are nearly certain the beef lies with Dabi's lineage.


For now, fans must wait for My Hero Academia to give official word on the theory, but evidence keeps mounting for this theory. So if Endeavor thought the worst was behind him, he can think again.

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