My Hero Academia Welcomes Two New Fighters to the Raid Arc's Finale

My Hero Academia is on the road to one of its biggest climaxes yet, and fans are eager to see how the series deals with the end of its current arc. The so-called Raid saga has been an intense one and resulted in the deaths of thousands by now. It is clear that society will never be the same following this battle, and a new update has roped in two new heroes to the ordeal ahead of its close.

My Hero Academia put out a brand-new chapter this past weekend, and it was there fans got a look at what's coming for Izuku. The update began with the arrival of two familiar faces as it appears Nejire and Iida have been sent to send their comrades a warning.

According to the new chapter, Nejire was sent to warn Izuku's party about the coming threat that is Gigantomachia. The huge villain has thwarted all attempts to stop it, and he is currently demolishing cities to reach Shigaraki. Nejire altered their course to share the message, and they were surprised when Iida joined them from down below.

Iida abandoned his post to follow Nejire despite his inability to fly towards Izuku. The girl is obviously curious about the decision to violate their commander's orders, but Iida says he is prepared to accept whatever punishment may come.

"Three of my classmates ran off and haven't returned! Two of them taught me a valuable lesson. They're my dear friends," Iida told Nejire as they raced towards the hospital.


Clearly, Iida is not willing to leave Izuku, Todoroki, and Bakugo up to chance. He is now deeply involved in this fight whether he knows it or not, so fans are hoping Iida makes it out with his friends in tow. After all, they did save him during his fight with Stain, so it is time the speedster returns the favor.

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