My Hero Academia Reveals the Villains Who Escaped from Prison

My Hero Academia has put its heroes in quite the bind as of late. The manga put them through the [...]

My Hero Academia has put its heroes in quite the bind as of late. The manga put them through the wringer when the Paranormal Liberation raid turned into an all-out war. Plenty of pro heroes were killed in the skirmish with even more maimed. With hundreds of civilians dead, the heroes have never hurt this badly before, but the villains are doing just fine. And thanks to a new chapter, it seems a group of top-tier baddies has broken out of jail.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for My Hero Academia chapter 297. Proceed with caution:

For those caught up with My Hero Academia, you will know its most recent chapter was intense. The quick update checked in on the super-max prison Tartarus as Shigaraki made his way inside. The baddie managed to break the jail open with a coordinated attack, and it freed four major villains.

Of course, All For One was top on the list, but Shigaraki managed to get out some other theaters. Overhaul, Muscular, and Moonfish were all freed from prison. The latter two were quick to get into a battle with the guards, but Overhaul was quieter. It seems he is looking for his boss, and the word is out on whether Overhaul has somehow gotten his quirk back.

It seems two other villains may have escaped, but no clear word was given. Kurogiri and Stain were shown in this chapter in their cells before things got going. Tartarus' cells were all unlocked during this raid, so these two may have snuck out in all that chaos. But for now, the heroes are in enough trouble with the confirmed jailbirds out and about.

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