My Hero Academia Unveils Izuku's Most Important Promise Yet

My Hero Academia is taking on one of its most ambitious arcs to date, and the manga has not let up on intensity since the story began. In the wake of All For One's escape, villains have all but taken over Japan, and heroes are left to do what they can to keep society afloat. Of course, this means Izuku is eager to keep the peace, but the target on his back makes things very complicated. So now, Izuku has been forced to make one of his most important promises to date.

The whole situation came to light in My Hero Academia's new chapter. The update checked in on Izuku during his solo work fighting villains, and a short flashback showed how the boy got to this point. It was there fans watched as Izuku told his mom and All Might his plan to leave school, and it ended with an emotional promise.

my hero academia

You can imagine how upset Inko Midoriya was about Izuku's plan, but he promises to uphold his goal of becoming a hero who could bring hope to others. Despite the danger he's in, Izuku promises to return home to his mother, and he asks her not to worry about him too much.

"I have to go," Izuku says. "But it's okay! I'll come home to you!"

Clearly, this is a loaded promise, and it cannot be overstated how tenuous it is. After all, Izuku is a prime target for all the villains running wild in Japan. Shigaraki and All For One are gunning for the boy, but they do need him alive. By leaving school, Izuku is freeing his friends of collateral danger, but he is putting his own safety at risk. His star status makes it likely he will return home, and Izuku's mom has no choice but to believe her son will keep it.


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