My Hero Academia Tempts Fate with All Might's Daring Promise

My Hero Academia has been living on the edge for more than a year now, and the manga seems unwilling to give up its dark angle anytime soon. If you did not know, the series moved forward with an update this week that has left readers feeling hollowed out. The new chapter featured one of the most emotional moments from Inko Midoriya yet, and All Might followed it up with a troubling vow of his own.

The whole thing began when My Hero Academia put out its new chapter, and it saw Izuku comfort his mom in the hospital after he woke up. It was there the boy announced his plan to leave UA Academy, and All Might was moved to tears by the scene. In fact, he told Izuku he cannot stop this plan from moving forward, but he can come along to keep the boy safe.


"I know I can't stop you from going so I'm coming too! Whether you like it or not," he says.

The ominous part of the vow comes when the manga checks in on All Might in the present. The hero is seen meeting up with Izuku after the latter defeats Muscular. It was there All Might reminded his pupil to conserve his energy, and he had the following to say:

"No going overboard before the big rematch, got it? No matter what happens to me!!"


This reminder is a good one for Izuku, but the ending has got fans all freaked out. All Might isn't able to protect himself like he could when he wielded One For All. His place outside of UA Academy puts him in danger, so fans are hoping the Symbol of Peace stays safe. And if not, well - you can bet Izuku will disregard All Might's advice entirely.

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