My Hero Academia Tugs at Heartstrings with New Mama Midoriya Flashback

My Hero Academia knows a bit about breaking hearts, and it has done so time over time. In fact, it would seem like Inko Midoriya has gone through a lot of heartbreak in her time as Izuku's mother been put through some rough patches. Now, it seems like Inko has a new problem to overcome, and a little flashback shed light on the upsetting moment for all to see.

The scene came courtesy of My Hero Academia's new chapter this week, and it was hard to watch. Fans checked in on Izuku at the hospital as he awoke following his fight with Shigaraki. The boy seems to have recovered just fine, but the danger outside is still gunning for him. And in order to keep everyone safe, Izuku must leave UA Academy and his mom as well.

Inko is devastated as she learns her son's power has garnered the focus of Shigaraki and All For One. Izuku says he has to leave in order to keep everyone safe, but Inko is unable to bear the thought of the loss. Even All Might tears up at the noble vow, but Inko is at a loss when Izuku says he must leave.

"I have to go," Izuku tells his mother as she sobs into his shoulder. "But it's okay! I'll come home to you."


This tender moment is one of the most heartbreaking yet in My Hero Academia, and even All Might is moved to tears. He says he will shadow Izuku on his new mission no matter the consequences. Now, Inko is living in safety at UA Academy while her son rounds up villains with Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks. So if you thought this moment was emotional, well - just wait until Izuku is able to reunite with his mom at long last.

What do you make of this Midoriya moment? Can you believe how far Izuku has come since My Hero Academia began? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.