My Hero Academia Slips Mandalorian Easter Eggs Into New Chapter

My Hero Academia has a long love for Star Wars, and that is all thanks to its creator. Kohei [...]

My Hero Academia has a long love for Star Wars, and that is all thanks to its creator. Kohei Horikoshi is a devout fan of the sci-fi franchise and never passes up a chance to homage Star Wars. And in the manga's most recent chapter, fans were reminded of that all thanks to The Mandalorian.

The whole thing went down when My Hero Academia went live this weekend with a new update. It was there fans watched as the baddies pulled off a few high-stake prison breaks once All For One was free. The ordeal is not ideal for our heroes, but if you have seen The Mandalorian, then you will recognize the prisons from which our new baddies escaped.

After all, the prisons were called Kuin, Bagu, and Shian. The spelling of these differ from what fans saw in The Mandalorian, but the names align with the crooks who did a job with Mando for a prison break of their own. Xi'an, Burg, and Qin were part of this group, so Horikoshi chose to name several prisons after the team.

If you doubt these names are intentional, you should know these names in Japanese are spelled the exact same whether we're talking about the prisons or crooks. Horikoshi's in-depth knowledge of Star Wars means there is almost no chance of these names being coincidental. And in a previous author's note to fans, the creator even praised The Mandalorian's second season once finishing it.

Now, the hunt is on for the next Star Wars easter egg from Horikoshi. Disney has a lot of content planned for the sci-fi series moving forward, so My Hero Academia will have plenty to draw inspiration from!

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