My Hero Academia Explains the Surprising Fallout of Shoto vs Dabi

My Hero Academia's Final Arc has seen the last battle featuring the UA Academy heroes and the antagonists of the League of Villains butting heads for what appears to be the last time for the fate of Hero Society. One of the biggest battles of the war followed Shoto Todoroki giving it his all against Dabi, the "hottest" member of the League who might have first failed to get his revenge but seems to have received a serious glow-up.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 374, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory.

The initial confrontation between Shoto and his brother, Dabi, gave the heroes a big win as the youngest Todoroki was able to defeat the League of Villains member. Unfortunately for Shoto and his friends, Dabi was far from finished and has emerged once again with more power than he had before and the conflict between the two has had some major ramifications on the world at large. As explained by a random weather reporter in Washington state, the conflict is causing turmoil around the globe:

My Fire Academia

"The massive cumulonimbus storm system that sprang up over Japan is growing at a rapid pace. It may ride east on the jet stream and affect the Weather in North America. According to the Weather Bureau, convection currents caused by repeated heat spikes have combined with a tropical low-pressure system in Japan's southwest to form an unprecedented type of enormous, inferno cumulonimbus cloud."

Further extrapolating on this point, the reporter begins to question whether this fight might lead to "utter chaos":

"Can the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil really bring about a hurricane in Texas? Is it the fate of our superpowered society, which began with a single glowing baby, to descend into utter chaos? The power of a single man can change the world." 

The heroes witnessed an unexpected surprise, as Kurogiri was able to teleport Dabi directly to his father, Endeavor, while the fight against All For One continues. More surprisingly, Twice has also appeared from the dead, though this just so happens to be Toga taking on the appearance, and Quirk, of the duplicating fiend. 

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