My Hero Academia Season 6 Adds New Bakugo Scene to Credits

My Hero Academia season six is pushing through one of its emotional arcs yet, and that was made clearer than ever this week. After all, the anime's most recent episode left social media in tears, and we have Bakugo Katsuki to thank. After waiting ages and ages, the hero made a turn that fans have been waiting to see, and My Hero Academia honored the moment with a special addition to its ending credits.

As you can see below, the team at Studio Bones added in two new stills to the ending of My Hero Academia season six. The pieces were put in to celebrate "Bakugo, Rising" in all of its angst. So if you have not seen the recent episode, be warned! We are discussing some major spoilers below!

Bakugo's Big Break

Obviously, My Hero Academia has been invested in Bakugo for years, but season six is taking the characters to new heights. The boy is less enemies with Izuku now and more rivals as everyone wanted. Now, the anime proved this week just how much Bakugo cares for his friend and his creed as a hero. After all, Bakugo was told by All Might that any save is a win, and he managed to save Izuku from Shigaraki at the cost of himself.

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The anime's latest episode ended with Bakugo being skewered by an attack meant for Izuku. It all went down as Shigaraki rushed at All Might's protege, and this time, Bakugo took a page from Izuku's book. He reached out a hand to help the boy just like Izuku did to him as a child. And of course, there was no better way to mark the moment than by shaking up the credits of season six this week.

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