My Hero Academia Reveals How All For One Got THAT Quirk

It doesn't take long to learn how focus My Hero Academia is on its Quirk. The series has been [...]

It doesn't take long to learn how focus My Hero Academia is on its Quirk. The series has been praised time and again for its unique use of superpowers, and everyone seems to get one... even Izuku before too long. Sure, the Pro Heroes have some great powers, but a good number of the series' villains carry powers we're envious of. All For One is such a baddie thanks to his special skills, and fans learned the brutal way the mastermind got one of his fastest powers.

And as you might have guessed, the ordeal was rather gory to witness. So if you do not want to be spoiled on this, you have been warned! There are details about My Hero Academia: Vigilantes below:

For those who aren't in the loop, the franchise is not far from ending its side series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. The canon prequel follows a vigilante named Koichi has he learns about the ins-and-outs of being a hero, and his mentor Knuckle Duster used to be one. In fact, the burly man was one of the strongest Pro Heroes out there... that is, until All For One stole his power.


Chapter 75 explains how the younger man lost his power, and it will make you hate All For One even more. Back in the day, Knuckle Duster went by the name O'Clock. He had the power to move so quickly that time slowed around him, making him very difficult to track or see coming. But when we're talking about All For One, we know the man had a plan to capture the baddie.

The story which Knuckle Duster gives is that All For One ambushed him at a lab alone. O'Clock was so horrified by the evil before him that he couldn't react in enough time to ward the villain off, giving All For One enough time to grab the hero by the head. The bloody encounter occurs off-screen from that point on, but fans know All For One ripped the hero's Quirk from his body. Now, Knuckle Duster is left to operate as a powerless vigilante, but he is more than confident that Koichi can become a hero far more superior than O'Clock ever was.

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