My Hero Academia Has Made the Greatest Toru Hagakure Figure Possible

My Hero Academia has plenty of heroes to juggle, and most of its favorites have been given figures [...]

My Hero Academia has plenty of heroes to juggle, and most of its favorites have been given figures time and again. There is enough Izuku merchandise to sink a ship, but that love isn't dispersed evenly through Class 1-A. Now, it seems McFarlane Toys is trying to change that notion, and it has done so by trolling My Hero Academia fans with the best possible figure of Toru Hagakure imaginable.

The update comes from Todd McFarlane and his brand of collectible figures. A few. Years ago, the company began working with My Hero Academia to create toys based on its heroes and villains. Now, a new wave is going live shortly, and it will include a toy of Toru Hagakure in all of her invisible glory.

mha toru
(Photo: McFarlane Toys)

The figure is what you'd expect given Hagakure is invisible. The girl is seen wearing a pair of blue gloves and white striped sneakers. These items are kept in place by four clear poles... and that is it. There is nothing more to this My Hero Academia figure. We only have a pair of shoes, two gloves, and a whole bunch of negative space.

This absence is not shocking given how Hagakure normally looks. The heroine has never been seen before, but fans have an idea of her stature. Hagakure has been shown wearing tons of stuff like her school uniform and beyond. The girl seems to be petite in every sense, and fans are still hoping the manga will reveal Hagakure to them before it wraps for good. But for now, this McFarlane figure will have to do.

If you want to nab this My Hero Academia toy for yourself, you can grab it at Funimation. The site is selling the heroine for about $18 USD right now, so you will have to decide whether that price is worth it for some plastic accessories. You can read the figure's production description below for more details:

"Toru Hagakure may be stealthy, but she's about to be the star of your shelf! Immaculately crafted, this Funimation Shop exclusive is the first officially licensed figure of Toru—and possibly the world's most accurate as well. Every detail, even down to the color, are totally on point for this Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl."

Will you be nabbing one of these figures? Or are you waiting for a different student to get the McFarlane makeover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.