My Hero Academia Cosplay Stands Tall With Fem All Might

All Might might no longer be the strongest hero in the world, following his insane battle against [...]

All Might might no longer be the strongest hero in the world, following his insane battle against his arch-rival All For One, but one Cosplayer has taken us back to the time when the Symbol of Peace was still in the top spot using some dead-on Cosplay. With My Hero Academia's fifth season bringing the Joint Training Exercise Arc to a close, we had the opportunity to see the de-powered All Might once again take on the role of teacher to watch on as Deku and his fellow students battled against the class of Class 1-B to see who has mastered their Quirks more.

Currently, in the pages of the manga, Deku has been put into a tough spot wherein he is running ragged to avoid the clutches of both a freed All For One and Shigaraki. With All Might still powerless, Deku's mentor is careening across the city in a bid to help Midoriya, whose appearance has changed to the point where citizens believe he looks far more like a villain than a hero. Though All Might might no longer have the physical strength to back up his demeanor, that hasn't stopped him from doing his best to assist his student in any way he can.

Instagram Cosplayer Nikki Lee shared this spot-on Cosplay that once again brings back the Symbol of Peace who helped pave the way for Midoriya to attempt to help the world by battling villains and generally giving citizens the ability to live comfortably within "hero society":

For the most part, we haven't had the opportunity to see how All Might operated when he was at one hundred percent of his power, with the former number one hero mostly using the Quirk of One For All to increase his strength. Through Deku, we have been able to see how the different abilities of One For All are able to work in unison with one another, and it could not come at a better time as the villains have never been more powerful in the pages of My Hero Academia.

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