My Hero Academia Fan Spots Hilarious Jessica Jones Connection

Though Jessica Jones' time on the streaming service of Netflix has come to a close following three [...]

Though Jessica Jones' time on the streaming service of Netflix has come to a close following three seasons and her participation in the superhero group of The Defenders, fans are still finding the character in unexpected places as a My Hero Academia fan noticed that one teacher bares a striking resemblance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe detective. The hardened gumshoe doesn't currently have any plans to return to the MCU following the cancellation of her television series, but we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see Jones make landfall in either a new television series or in a film down the road.

Eraserhead, the teacher of Class 1-A that has the ability to eliminate one's Quirk if he stares directly at them, has been in the news a lot lately thanks to his role during the latest manga arc for My Hero Academia, The War Arc. Pitting the heroes against their greatest challenge, tens of thousands of supervillains led by Shigaraki, Aizawa found himself at the receiving end of one of Shigaraki's attacks and will never be the same as the story came to a close. With the world of UA Academy never being the same, it's nice to take a step back and look at some of the more hilarious connections of the series to the world of fiction at large!

One Twitter User was able to place Jessica Jones and Eraserhead next to one another, showing how close the aesthetic of both superheroes is, as well as their surly personalities that have landed them as two of the biggest characters of their respective franchises:

My Hero Academia's fifth season is set to arrive in the spring of this year, giving us a closer look into the adventures of Class 1-A as they tangle with their rivals in Class 1-B at UA Academy, so expect more time given to their teacher Aizawa as he watches his students attempt to move closer to their goals of becoming professional superheroes.

Do you think that Aizawa and Jessica Jones bear a striking resemblance to one another? Would you like to see these two characters meet in an official crossover one day? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy!