My Hero Academia Reveals the Heroes Who Died This Arc

My Hero Academia may not be seem like a dark series from the outset, but the story isn't afraid to get gritty when the need calls. When you have heroes and villains warring with one another, there are bound to be casualties. Of course, that sentiment has never been felt more heavily than during the Liberation Army War arc as it wraps up. A slew of pro heroes were killed during the ordeal, and a list of the losses has been shared with fans.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for My Hero Academia! Proceed with extreme caution:

The heartbreaking reveal came towards the middle of chapter 296 this week. My Hero Academia wrapped up its latest arc by toting an impressive number of heroes and civilians to get care. However, there are plenty who did not live to see such help.

Two of the biggest losses come with Midnight and Crust. The former was seen often in the series as Midnight acted as a teacher at UA Academy. Crust challenged Midnight in strength given his place as one of Japan's top five heroes. Their deaths will be felt the most in the manga moving forward, but other pros gave their lives during this raid.

It turns out Majestic, X-Less, and Native all died during this war. They were joined by other pros who have never been named in the series such as Kendo's mentor and a hero shown during the Sports Festival arc. A total of thirteen heroes were shown on the casualties page, but others were said to have died as well. This makes sense given how widespread Shigaraki's damage was, and that doesn't even count the High-End Nomu and soldiers on the field.


These deaths are shocking enough on their own, and they prove a turning point is here for My Hero Academia. The stakes have been set for society, and Shigaraki is on a greater warpath than ever before. All of our top heroes are heavily injured with some of the wounds guaranteed to last a lifetime. So if the world ever needed a Symbol of Peace, that time is now.

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