My Hero Academia Makes a Special Tokyo Games Cameo

My Hero Academia just made a special cameo at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, proving just how [...]

My Hero Academia just made a special cameo at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, proving just how much of an international hit the series has become. Despite the fact that the Olympic Games are currently being held in Japan, it was actually the country of Spain that showed some major love to My Hero Academia in a video segment about the Olympic games. As you can see in the video segment below, a Spanish TV station used the now-iconic music of the My Hero Academia anime series for a video package about the Olympic games, and the results were as epic as you might expect!

There is no way to tell if the Spanish channel used the My Hero Academia music as a direct reflection of Japan and its culture (something TV outlets all over the world have been doing), or one of the video producers at this Spanish station is just a major Boku No Hero Academia fan. Either way, the results are pretty impressive - to the point that more major news and/or sports outlets may want to consider digging into anime's crates for more of these kinds of mashups. We're not joking.

My Hero Academia has grown to be an international smash hit since it began in 2014. The Boku No Hero Academia manga has remained one of the top 10 manga titles sold for years now - and as of April 2021, the manga has reportedly sold more than 50 million copies worldwide, with 13 million of those sales coming from international markets. The manga sparked a spinoff series (Vigilantes) as well as an anime adaptation that launched in 2016. My Hero Academia's anime has quickly and exponentially increased the series' visibility all over the world.

My Hero Academia has been one of the more savvy anime series to utilize streaming services like Funimation and Hulu, offering fans new episodes at the same time they air in Japan. Since the anime premiered, My Hero Academia has earned its success and fame through the pure power of word-of-mouth. The anime's success has only helped push fans back towards the manga, which is now entering its most exciting arcs yet, as hero Izuku Midoriya unlocks his full power potential in preparation for the final battle with evil overlord, All For One.

My Hero Academia has also won numerous accolades and awards, especially in the last few years. It has topped American entertainment lists at Barnes & Noble, Crunchyroll, and many other media outlets. Now it's being used as inspirational feats of real-life Olympic Glory. Creator Kōhei Horikoshi should be smiling with pride.

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