My Hero Academia Preview Video Explodes With Bakugo

My Hero Academia is continuing to highlight the terrifying moments in the Paranormal Liberation War, as the battle for the future of Hero Society has already consumed the lives of both heroes and villains alike. With the League of Villains losing Twice and the heroes losing some major crime fighters as a result of Shigaraki's awakening, Bakugo is set to take a lead role in the upcoming episode, which might spell trouble for the hot-headed young hero, especially considering the fact that he's currently on the front lines.

Bakugo has come a long way since the first season of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, formerly acting as a bully to the Young Deku long before the Shonen protagonist had gained the full power of One For All. With the two hammering out their differences to a large extent throughout the first five seasons, Bakugo has managed to become a better team player, assisting his fellow students in Class 1-A along the way. During the Joint Training Exercise of the previous season, Bakugo not only helped his teammates defeat Class 1-B, but he helped them do so in record time, proving how he has not only strengthened his Quirk, but his general skills as a hero.

My Hero Bakugo

My Hero Academia released a new preview for the impactful next episode of its sixth season, with many beginning to worry that the focus on Bakugo might mean that the fan-favorite character might not make it out of this Arc alive:

Time and time again, Bakugo, despite not being the main star of the Shonen series, has been voted the most popular character amongst all the heroes and villains that have sprung from Kohei Horikoshi's brain. The reasoning behind his popularity doesn't just come down to his Quirk, which is quite flashy, but also thanks to his personality, which has mellowed out over the years, but still has him routinely screaming that he's looking to kill his opponents. Training under Endeavor during the events of last season, Bakugo has become a force to be reckoned with, though this might not be enough to defeat the current wielder of All For One. 

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