My Hero Academia Season 6 Shares First Look at "Bakugo, Rising"

My Hero Academia has proven itself once more to fans, and it did so just episodes into season six. As December rounds the corner, all eyes are on the anime as Studio Bones is beginning to hit its stride. That is why everyone is keeping tabs on Bakugo as the hero promises to take center stage in My Hero Academia episode 122. And now, we have been given a first look at the release.

As you can see below, the team released several stills from "Bakugo, Rising" ahead of its release. The images focus on our heroes this time around as Shigaraki is only found in a single shot. But given the look on our favorites' faces, it seems episode 122 is going to get wild.

What We Know So Far

In these stills, Izuku looks ready to maim someone, and that person would be Shigaraki. Our hero lost all rationale after Shigaraki managed to land a lethal blow to Gran Torino. The old man is barely alive right now, and of course, Aizawa is just as upset over the hit as we can see in these shots. Even Shoto Todoroki looks heated over the battle, and that is quite the feat given how level-headed the hero has become.

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Of course, the biggest stills to note feature Bakugo given this episode's name. In one shot, it seems fans are sent back in time as All Might and Bakugo chat one-on-one, and the topic must be serious given the latter's solemn expression. Bakugo's other still is direr as the boy looks panicked about something out of frame, and we can bet Izuku is the cause of his fear.

Now, manga readers know well what is in store for episode 122 as its title was taken from one of Kohei Horikoshi's top chapters. Some time ago, the manga showed Bakugo here becoming a genuine hero as he did the unthinkable. The short-tempered hero chose to sacrifice himself to save Izuku out of both duty and friendship. And as you can imagine, All Might's protege goes feral once he sees the damage done to his childhood friend. All of that will come to life on television this weekend, so netizens better brace themselves for the fallout now. 

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