My Hero Academia Answers One of Its Special Pro Secrets

My Hero Academia has finally revealed one of the big secrets of its pro hero operatives: how they stay in communication with one another on the battlefield! The events of My Hero Academia have shown us that pro heroes use in-ear communications while in the field, but now we are finally getting the inside scoop as to how these heroes' comm devices work! It's a small detail to be sure, but an important one for hardcore fans, who love to pick apart such details. Check out the official breakdown of My Hero Academia's pro hero communications devices, below!

The breakdown on pro heroes' earpieces comes from a diagram page of the extras section of the My Hero Academia manga: 

"The Earpiece" – HNKS-425M 

All Heroes are equipped with these micro earpieces," the diagram explains. "When someone puts a hand to their ear and speaks, that's what they're using. The earpiece stays in there, right near the ear canal, and since it isn't visible, that means no extra work to draw it!!

Mr. Skeptic (Chikazoku) stuck a bunch of micro devices on Hawks, and these are about the same size while boasting high performance!! One can switch between the main channel, group channels, or personal channels. 

A picture of Rabbit Hero Mirko adds that the earpiece is "Small as a booger!" 

As stated, this is the kind of minute detail that only hardcore My Hero Academia fans will probably appreciate – but for those fans, it's a nice gap-filler in the mythos. There are many key scenes of the My Hero Academia manga and anime that feature pro heroes putting fingers to their ears to communicate and/or locate one another during missions or all-out battles. Nitpicky fans have asked questions like how those earpieces stay put when heroes do all kinds of aerial-to-underwater maneuvers or how they stay put in the heat of fierce battles where powers like super-strength, raging flames, or electrical shock are all on the table. Now we know! 

...It's also pretty funny that we get the behind-the-scenes confession that the concept for these earpieces also works well because it doesn't require Horikoshi or the anime animators to do any additional drawing. It's the best kind of plot armor! 

All of My Hero Academia's pro heroes (and new heroes) will need to have those earpieces firmly in place for the final battle that's coming up in the manga. All Might's ambitious plan rests entirely on heroes coordinating and communicating to take the League of Villains apart!