'My Hero Academia' Releases Season 3 Key Visual

Some of anime’s top shonen franchises have come to an end, but My Hero Academia is ready to make [...]

Some of anime's top shonen franchises have come to an end, but My Hero Academia is ready to make its predecessors proud. The title has become a breakout hit with fans around the world, and audiences are waiting for its third season to drop. Now, those fans can finally see My Hero Academia's first-look at the much-awaited release.

This week, another issue of Weekly Shonen Jump was sent out by Shueisha. The magazine stuffed its new issue with My Hero Academia update, and a key visual for its third season was included in that.

The poster, which can be seen below, is a simple one with a several familiar faces. The colorful image shows Izuku Midoriya in costume as he leaps forward. Bakugo Katsuki is seen leaning forward into a charge as well, and All Might is shown backing up to the two heroes-in-training even though his head gets cut off the page.

The magazine also confirms a long-held suspicion amongst fans. Weekly Shonen Jump announced My Hero Academia will return next April, but fans were already expecting such news. The past two seasons of My Hero Academia were also released in April, so Bones Inc. is simply going with its pre-existing trend.

So far, there is little news about My Hero Academia's next season aside from its anticipated arc. When the anime does return, it will pick up with its 'School Trip' arc. The story will follow U.A. Class 1-A as they go on a summer training trip once their first semester at school comes to a close. The students will be brought to the Forest of Magic Beasts where they must hone their powers under the supervisions of Aizawa and pro-heroes The Pussycats. However, the League of Villains are still moving forward with its mission, and Izuku will find himself pitted against the baddies when they come to kidnap one of his classmates.

For those who aren't familiar with My Hero Academia, the manga by creator Kohei Horikoshi began publishing back in July 2014. Bones Studios adapted the series into an anime in 2016, and the series has quickly become a phenomenon. My Hero Academia takes place in a world full of people with quirks, which you might recognize as superpowers. Except Izuku Midoriya doesn't have one.

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a hero, but he was born without a quirk. When the world's leading superhero All-Might chooses Izuku to be his successor, the boy's world is turned upside-down as he gains a quirk, a new school, and a set of very dangerous enemies.

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