My Hero Academia Shows Iida's Recipro Turbo Upgrade in Action

My Hero Academia really showed off Tenya Iida's Recipro Turbo upgrade in action with the newest episode of the series! Kohei Horikoshi's Joint Training arc continues with the newest episode of the fifth season, and as we began seeing with the previous episode, Class 1-B's team is a lot more prepared to take on Class 1-A's group than the hero students had expected. This led Iida to reveal that he had made a major upgrade to his quirk through a painful process since the last time we had seen him in action.

The previous episode of the series saw Iida trapped by Juzo Honenuki's softening quirk, and started to make his way out of it thanks to his Recirpro Turbo upgrade. While he had teased that this upgrade would allow him to move much faster for a longer duration than before, Episode 96 of the series kicks off by showing off just how big of an upgrade to Iida's quirk this ability is in quite the huge fashion. Check it out below as shared by @syasageyo on Twitter:

As Iida explained in the previous episode, painfully removing his mufflers one by one allowed them to grow back in much stronger. Now they burn more efficiently and at higher heats, and this boosts Iida's speed for a straight ten minutes. We see this in action as not only does Iida quickly break his way out of the ground, but counters each of Honenuki's plans with ease. We even see an example of it later in the episode as well.

When Honenuki was about to completely overwhelm Todoroki, Iida manages to swoop in just in time. He kicks Honenuki square on, and dashes to save Todoroki from being buried in the ground with Honenuki's quirk. Unfortunately this isn't enough to save Todoroki or defeat Class 1-B completely as 1-B's final member, Pony Tsunotori, manages to escape capture before the time limit comes up.

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