My Hero Academia Releases First Stills of Episode 96

The third battle of the Joint Training Exercise Arc is slated to continue in the next episode of My Hero Academia, and the anime has revealed the first images from the fight that will be arriving in the ninety-sixth episode of the popular Shonen franchise. With Class 1-A and Class 1-B currently having one victory each during this "Civil War" within UA Academy, this third match is definitely going to be one for the record books and might be a big game-changer to determine which class has best mastered the use of their Quirks.

Class 1-A's four-man team for the third battle includes the likes of Shoto Todoroki, Ingenium, Tailman, and Tentacole, who act as a fairly good unit when it comes to the different aspects needed to win this battle. Unfortunately for them, their opponents are some of the best and brightest amongst 1-B's roster, with the likes of Real Steel, Mudman, Spiral, and Rocketti. In their initial fight during the last episode, 1-B struggled with the "scouting" part of their mission, being unable to halt the sneak attack by the students of 1-A but were able to quickly regain their footing thanks in part to Mudman's Quirk which allows him to transform any hard surface into more of a buoyant state.

Twitter User Atushi 101X shared these brand new images from the third battle of the Joint Training Exercise Arc, which will be one of the biggest fights to take place during this arc so far thanks to the insane power levels of the students participating in the brawl:

While the Joint Training Exercise Arc is taking the majority of screen time in this fifth season of My Hero Academia, there are still two big arcs that will take place in the forms of "My Villain Academia" and "Endeavor Agency Arc". The next arc will focus predominantly on the antagonists of the League of Villains, taking the opportunity to dive into the backgrounds of several villains such as Shigaraki, Toga, and more.

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