My Hero Academia Reveals Iida's Painful New Upgrade

My Hero Academia revealed a painful new upgrade for Tenya Ida in the newest episode of Season 5! My Hero Academia's newest episode is the next step in the Joint Training arc from Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series, and it has officially kicked off the third match between Class 1-A and 1-B. The two classes are now even in terms of the overall score with both having one win and loss each, so this third match is going to be pivotal in help one of the classes secure the ultimate victory in the exercise.

Class 1-A's team this time around features Tenya Ida, and like how many of the other heroes have been able to show off new skills or improvements that they have made during their work studies and internships, Tenya has improved his quirk as well. But in order to make such an upgrade to his Engine quirk, Ida legitimately had to make some pretty painful physical changes to his body.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Recipro Turbo Tenya Iida Ingenium
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

Episode 95 of the series sees Ida and the other Class 1-A members falling prey to Class 1-B's preparation. Juzo Honenuki has used his softening quirk to lay traps for the other team to fall into, and that's exactly what happens to Ida when he rushes in. Though he tries to use Todoroki's ice to keep him from falling into this trap, Ida still finds himself buried in the ground. But it's not over as Ida also reveals he's made some changes.

Dubbing this new style "Recipro Turbo," Ida begins to push through the ground. A flashback reveals that after he got his provisional license, Ida's brother tells him to tune his engine. By pulling out the mufflers in his legs and training that way, mufflers that can take a tougher punishment will grow in. It's mentioned that it's been passed down since their grandfather's time as a hero to speed up the Tenya family even more.


It's shown to be quite bloody and painful as Ida pulls out his mufflers one by one, but it results in an even faster, efficient, and more powerful engine. As the episode comes to an end, Ida uses Recipro Turbo to burst out of the ground and declares this buff now lasts for ten minutes in total, longer than ever before.

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