My Hero Academia Reveals Deku's Absolute Worst Nightmare

My Hero Academia had a lot to prove with season six, and just like fans expected, the anime has pulled through for them. The series is back on its top game, and we have Studio Bones to thank for the impressive adaptation. After all, season six is raising the stakes, and Class 1-A is learning what it means to be a pro hero for better or worse. And now, the anime's brewing war just forced Izuku to reveal his absolute worst nightmare to the world.

And what could that be? Well, in this war, it seems the worst-case scenario is the loss of someone close. Izuku and Bakugo believe the death of Aizawa is an unacceptable sacrifice. So when Shigaraki tries to take Eraserhead out, the two boys step in.

Why Aizawa? Why Now?

As the latest episode of My Hero Academia shows, Izuku is the first to step in when Aizawa is confronted by Shigaraki. The villain may be plenty strong without his new quirks, but as you can imagine, he is eager to use the boons. It doesn't take long for Shigaraki to cut through enough defenses to reach Aizawa, and he is set on decaying the man to dust. However, he is stopped at the last moment due to Izuku.

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The boy knocks Shigaraki away, and it is there Izuku says he's joining in the fight. So long as Aizawa is around, there is a chance for pros to win the war. Shigaraki cannot steal Izuku's quirk so long as Erasure is present, and of course, it evens the playing field. With so many heroes distracted by Nomu, Shigaraki has had it easy, but Aizawa complicates his plans. And asides from the hero's strategic use in battle, well – Izuku is the first to admit his teacher is too precious to be sacrificed.

Now, Izuku is going up against Shigaraki, and Bakugo is ready to take out some of his anger on All For One's protege. The war between heroes and villains is just starting. Aizawa's quirk is about to become more vital than ever, and right now, the only thing standing between him and Shigaraki is Class 1-A's problem child.

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