My Hero Academia Season 6 Promo Previews Episode 10

At last, My Hero Academia is back at the top of its game, and it won't be long before season six rolls out a new episode. Last week, the anime put everyone on edge as Bakugo Katsuki delivered his most intense cliffhanger yet. It's about time to figure out how the hero is doing following his sacrifice his Izuku, and luckily, My Hero Academia just dropped a new promo for episode 10 to whet our appetites. 

As you can see below, the new stills come courtesy of Studio Bones. My Hero Academia will follow up on a huge cliffhanger with this week's episode, and that is because "Bakugo, Rising" left everyone on edge. After all, the update ended with Bakugo taking a hit for Izuku that was aimed to kill. And as you look at the stills below, you will see how Izuku takes the sacrifice.

After all, it seems like Izuku goes into full-blown rage mode in one of these shots. The hero's eyes are incredibly small here, and it seems he's determined to slay Shigaraki. As for the villain, he's struggling himself as one shot seems to show the boy overlaid with All For One. So as expected, his inheritance of All For One must have come with secret strings.

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As for the other shots, they focus on Bakugo and Shoto as the pair can do nothing but watch Izuku's battle unfold. Another pair of stills hone in on Izuku in the inner world of One For All. It is there Nana Shimura is seen protecting Izuku while All For One and Shigaraki do their own thing. And to round things out, the final stills highlight a different battlefield.

After all, the final images focus on Ochaco and Toga. The villain looks rather serious for once in her shot, and the close-up is covered in shadows. As for Ochaco, she seems as angry as she is scared by Toga's sudden appearance. It seems the shapeshifter ditched the League long enough to confront Ochaco about one thing or another. So when My Hero Academia goes live this weekend, we will learn all about their impromptu convo. 

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