My Hero Academia: Hawks Cosplay Goes Viral With Working Wings

My Hero Academia's sixth season has big one long battle scene as UA Academy's heroes are waging war against Shigaraki and his forces in the Paranormal Liberation Front. Along with this new battle comes plenty of casualties as some big names have fallen on both sides, and Hawks is responsible for one of the biggest deaths. Now, one cosplayer has brought the number two hero to life once again with wings that have helped the cosplay go viral. 

Hawks landed in the Paranormal Liberation War with one target in mind, the villain who is often seen as the comic relief of the League of Villains, Twice. While on his face, Twice might seem like a basket case who couldn't be considered a threat, his duplication Quirk allows him to be one of the most terrifying villains that are facing the heroes today. During the League's fight against the Meta Liberation Army, each of the young villains discovered new aspects to their Quirks, with Twice finding out that he can duplicate himself to numbers in the hundreds of thousands should the mood strike him. With Hawks recognizing Twice's true power, the number two hero killed the villain and delivered one of the biggest casualties of the current War Arc so far.

Hawks, Killer of Twice

Instagram Cosplayer Mille Nuages shared this impressive cosplay bringing Hawks to life, recreating the number two hero's wings by using their arms in a unique way, as the lead of the Public Safety Commission now grapples with the injuries sustained during his fight with the hot-head Dabi: 

Hawks has found himself in a very different situation in the Final Arc of the Shonen series playing out in the pages of its manga, though an unfortunate reunion has recently taken place. Now harboring the appearance and Quirk of Twice, Toga is looking for revenge and has been teleported in front of the number two hero to deal out some serious hurt. Needless to say, Hawks is not in a very good position at the moment, especially considering the blows he took fighting against All For One during this final battle.

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