My Hero Academia Season 6 Posts Episode 2 Stills

After a successful premiere, My Hero Academia season six has the anime fandom on a hook right now. The series will return in a few days with episode two, and of course, Mirko promises to keep the action going when it drops. And now, the series has released its first stills for the upcoming episode if you'd like a sneak peek. 

As you can see below, My Hero Academia's official website just released stills for its next episode. Season six will carry on with Mirko's raid against Dr. Garaki, and she will have her hands full to say the least. After all, the doctor has unleashed a slew of High-End Nomu against Mirko, but the tenacious pro is ready to die if it means taking down the doctor.

Of course, fans can also expect to visit the big raid outside of the hospital. The new stills showcase Midnight as you can see, and she is joined in the field by Kaminari. It seems the student is going to play a major role in part of this raid, and of course, Shigaraki's team is preparing to battle at their headquarters. While Twice and Hawks do their own thing, these new stills focus on Toga and several others back at base.

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Clearly, season six is not taking things slow, and My Hero Academia fans know a lot is riding on its raid. This arc is one of the manga's most intense, and it directly kickstarts events that are being addressed in the manga's final act right now. So if you need to catch up on season six, you better binge its first episode ASAP!


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