My Hero Academia Reveal One For All's Final Quirk

One For All has kept fans of My Hero Academia guessing for years now, and at last, some of its biggest secrets have come to light. From its origins to its true purpose, we've learned plenty about the quirk, and its time with All Might made it a formidable gift. Now, Izuku is using the quirk to bring an end to All For One's reign, and the manga finally revealed OFA's final quirk all thanks to the Second User. 

The secret was finally revealed this week as My Hero Academia continues its run through its final act. The war for world peace and hero society as a whole is well underway thanks to Shigaraki. At last, Izuku has made it back to the man, and All For One is desperate to take back One For All. This was what everyone expected, and Izuku came prepared as he saved the second user's quirk to fight.

According to the second user, his quirk is called Transmission, and it hits hard. The power allows its user to change the speed of an object they touch, so you can imagine what sort of power it would give a Detroit Smash. After being entangled with One For All, Transmission has become insanely strong, but there is a drawback. The second user warns this quirk will take a lot out of Izuku, so he will need to end his fight with Shigaraki in under ten minutes.

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As you can imagine, Transmission suits Izuku's fighting style, and it complements the other quirks stored within One For All. The boy unlocked Blackwhip first, and since then, other powers like Float and Danger Sense have become inseparable from Izuku. Smokescreen and Fa Jin have only made Izuku stronger since their debut, and now, Transmission has completed the arsenal. The question is whether or not they're strong enough to defeat Shigaraki and All For One at their strongest.


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