My Hero Academia Season 6 Shares Episode 2 Synopsis

My Hero Academia Season 6 got us off to big start to this season of the anime, as the pro heroes and young provisional heroes of U.A. high school uniting for a surprise strike against the evil army of Tomura Shigaraki and his master, All For One. (SPOILERS) When the My Hero Academia Season 6 premiere ended, the heroes discovered that All For One's mad scientist disciple Dr. Garaki had an entire lab hiding beneath the facade of a friendly and benevolent hospital – a lab full of monsters! 

As the heroes led the charge into Dr. Garaki's lab, it was clear that the Nomu monsters he's stored inside are more than ready to strike back at the hero army. As the synopsis for My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 teases, those Nomu will provide a formidable fight, indeed!

Ahead of Endeavour who rushed into the Hospital, No.5 hero Mirko pursues the doctor in the back of the hospital. There, brainless "high-end" people with overwhelming power stand in the way!

It's also clear from the synopsis above that My Hero Academia Episode 115 will be putting a new pro hero front and center: Rabbit Hero Mirko! 

Mirko led the charge into Dr. Garaki's underground lab, using a wild showcase of her rabbit-themed quirk power to power-kick through the initial gang of Nomu that Garaki unleashes. While My Hero Academia fans were thoroughly impressed by the animation and production of Mirko's action sequence by Bones, this synopsis makes it sound like we haven't seen anything yet! It sounds like the next episode will make its central focus Mirko's battle against Garaki's high-end Nomu, which sounds like a perfect use of My Hero Academia's anime format, to us! The only question is: can Mirko get through Garaki's lab in time to shut down the threat of Tomura Shigaraki? 

Thanks to the advanced pace of My Hero Academia's manga compared to the anime, Rabbit Hero Mirko (aka Usagiyama Rumi) has already become a major breakout fan favorite of the series. Mirko has endless amounts of artwork and cosplay now being dedicated to her, and it's no big spoiler to say that creator Kohei Horikoshi has recognized the character's resonance with fans and made smart use of it. Now, Mirko will get a whole new level of exposure thanks to My Hero Academia's anime, which will showcase her in a way the manga page simply cannot match. 


As for Izuku Midoriya and the rest: They better get into that lab quick, lest Mirko face the horrible Nomu threat all alone. 

My Hero Academia Season 6 is now streaming new episodes weekly on Crunchyroll and Hulu.