My Hero Academia Season Five Announces July Break

My Hero Academia is getting ready to dive into its darkest storyline to date with the Meta [...]

My Hero Academia is getting ready to dive into its darkest storyline to date with the Meta Liberation Army Arc, aka "My Villain Academia," but it seems as if fans will have a brief hiatus coming their way in July right when the action gets started. The next arc following the events of the Joint Training Exercise will take a break from the hurdles presented to the heroes and instead venture into the depths of the League of Villains, presenting a new threat coming their way that is attempting to take down Hero Society a few pegs as well.

Class 1-A ended up winning their battle against their rivals in UA Academy, and before the dark story of Shigaraki and his crew begins, Deku and his friends will have an exceptionally light story to wade through. Celebrating the holidays, the most powerful class will get the opportunity to kick back, with each of them throwing on a costume that makes them look more like Santa Claus than the aspiring crimefighters that we've come to know. Considering the next arc is being touted as too dark for its regular time slots by the Japanese voice actors, it's going to be a breath of fresh air before audiences dive into the bone-chilling story of the League of Villains.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared the detail that My Hero Academia would have a brief hiatus beginning in early July, right as the Meta Liberation Army Arc begins to unfurl in the anime, along with a number of other details about the fifth season of the popular Shonen series:

My Hero Academia's fifth season is building up to one of the biggest arcs of the Shonen series to date in the "War Arc," which will be built thanks to the events that take place during the story following Shigaraki and his crew. Needless to say, expect things to get insanely dark as the story of UA Academy continues to march forward.

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