My Hero Academia Debuts First Stills of Episode 101

My Hero Academia has been through a lot with season five in just one arc, but there is even more [...]

My Hero Academia has been through a lot with season five in just one arc, but there is even more to go. Fans are expecting the show to tackle one of its darkest arcs yet this season, but we need a bit of cheer before My Villain Academia takes over. And now, fans can see episode 101 will be stuffed with enough fun to satisfy everyone.

Recently, the first stills for My Hero Academia episode 101 went live, and they have already taken over the fandom. As you can imagine, netizens were eager to see what the upcoming episode would do in light of the Joint Training arc ending. So what else was Class 1-A to do but hold a holiday party?

As you can see above, the stills for episode 101 show our heroes in quite a festive mood. Izuku, Kirishima, Ochaco, and the gang are all shown celebrating the Christmas holiday in these shots. Everyone is dressed up except for Bakugo as the surly blonde is shown in his black loungewear. But as for whether or not he will get coal this holiday, well - we hope not!

The stills also focus on some more mundane moments like Bakugo laughing in his winter uniform. A different shot focuses on Aizawa as the homeroom teacher sits with Principal Nezu. The pair seem to be reading a document, so My Hero Academia fans are curious to learn what the teachers are talking about.

Once episode 101 is done, fans will be given a clear idea of what comes next this season, but manga readers know where things should go. The series tackles the Meta Liberation Army arc at this point before moving to the Endeavor Agency arc. My Hero Academia fans are wondering if those arcs might be swapped in season five, but for now, all we know is that Class 1-A is about to ring in a very merry Christmas!

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