My Hero Academia Gives Update on Season Five's Next Arc

My Hero Academia is done with its first arc of season five, so fans know what is coming. As Izuku [...]

My Hero Academia is done with its first arc of season five, so fans know what is coming. As Izuku comes down from his high against Class 1-B, there is new trouble lurking for the kid. There is lots more for season five to uncover, and fans have gotten an update on when its second arc will go live.

The announcement was made recently when My Hero Academia held a fan event online. It was there the cast of the anime gathered to talk all about season five, and some teases were dropped. After all, the gang did confirm season five will kickstart its new arc following episode 101, so June 27 will mark the start of something new.

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At this point, fans know nothing about the next arc, but My Hero Academia readers have an idea of what's coming next. If the anime is sticking to the manga, then the Meta Liberation Army arc is next. This is one of the manga's most popular arcs to date given its focus on all our villains, so it is affectionately known as My Villain Academia.

For those unfamiliar with this arc, the Meta Liberation Army arc sees the League of Villains push back against an up-and-coming organization from the shadows. The extensive network goes the same route as Overhaul to form an alliance, but Shigaraki has no patience for such a suggestion. This puts the villains at war, but the question remains whether the conflict pulls the league together or tears it apart.

For now, fans will have to wait and see how My Hero Academia tackles this fan-favorite arc. The villain-centric story is a dark one, so it will mark a notable shift in season five once it goes live. And if that should happen in late June, well - we are here for it!

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