My Hero Academia Addresses the Dark Nature of Season Five's Next Arc

My Hero Academia recently brought the Joint Training Exercise Arc to a close in the fifth season [...]

My Hero Academia recently brought the Joint Training Exercise Arc to a close in the fifth season of its anime, and fans are beyond excited to dive into one of the darkest storylines to date in "My Villain Academia", aka the Meta Liberation Army Arc, and new details have emerged regarding the story following Shigaraki and his clan. While the battle between Class 1-A and 1-B could be intense at times, it was ultimately confrontations that weren't "life or death", but everything will change in the next arc which will pit the League of Villains against a new threat.

It's been some time since we were able to focus entirely on the League of Villains, with Season Four focusing on villains such as Overhaul and Gentle Criminal. While Toga and Twice were employed by the Yakuza in the previous season in order to help in the battle against the heroes, the League was essentially pushed to the sidelines thanks to Overhaul's plans to change the structure of Hero Society to benefit themselves. What will make this upcoming arc so interesting is that the heroes won't be involved in it at all, as Shigaraki's band of antagonists will be squaring off against a threat that has been hinted at throughout the series.

Twitter User Deku's Notebook shared a recent quote from the voice actors of My Hero Academia who questioned whether or not the next arc would be airing at night, thanks in part to the dark and gory subject matter that has appeared in the anime to date:

The "Meta Liberation Army Arc" isn't the last storyline in the fifth season, with the "Endeavor Agency Arc" listed as the final saga of the season. While season six hasn't been confirmed as of yet, it will more than likely cover the "War Arc", which will pit the heroes against the villains in the biggest battle of the series to date.

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