My Hero Academia Opens Way For Shirakumo's Big Comeback

My Hero Academia has a lot of characters under its belt, and by now, some of its best have sadly passed. The series has offed a number of characters since kicking off, and plenty were dead well before Izuku met All Might in middle school. By now, manga readers know one of those lost souls was Shirakumo Oboro, and the character might be able to make a comeback soon thanks to a little gift from My Hero Academia.

The whole thing came to life this week as the manga put out a new chapter. Following Spinner's success on the battlefield, readers watched recently as Kurogiri was awoken at last, and he was split in two directions at once. While the villain called to Kurogiri, Present Mic was there and begged for Shirakumo to come forth. After all, the boy's corpse was used to build Kurogiri from scratch, but pieces of Shirakumo have come through the mist before. And if he does it again, the manga just gave Shirakumo the perfect setting to fight.

Shirakumo vs Kurogiri

After all, chapter 374 begins with an unsettling update as Kurogiri comes forward much to Present Mic's dismay. Shirakumo is lying dormant as always, but if there is one thing that can pull him out, it is his old friends. Aizawa and Hizashi were able to draw forth Shirakumo in a previous arc despite Kurogiri's presence. Chapter 374 ends by reuniting the trio as a tip off to fans, and of course, the update reveals a massive cloud has formed over Japan.

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The announcement kicks off the chapter after all as reporters in America are shown analyzing the strange event. According to the news, a massive cloud has formed over Japan due to the rapidly changing temperatures in Tokyo courtesy of Dabi and Shoto's battle. The all-out war downtown provided the kind of energy needed atmospherically to form a huge cumulus cloud... and we all know how Shirakumo feels about clouds.

After all, the hero was obsessed with clouds when he was alive, and that was easy to see given Shirakumo's quirk. The boy could create clouds of his own for battle or rescue. Even now, Shirakumo's body uses vapor as Kurogiri to warp around Japan. And now, a massive cloud has put itself over Tokyo as Aizawa and Hizashi come face to face with their former friend.

At this point, it is hard to imagine a scenario where Shirakumo doesn't have a heart to heart with his friends given My Hero Academia's set up. The actors and setting for this long-awaited reunion have come together under the harsh hold of war. And while Kurogiri may be siding with Shigaraki at the moment, well – fans are fairly convinced the Nomu's alliance will shift once Aizawa and Hizashi tap into Shirakumo's consciousness once again. 

Do you think Shirakumo will end up prevailing over Kurogiri? Or will the Nomu stay on Shigaraki's side? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.