My Hero Academia Shows Off Deku's Most Heroic Move Yet

My Hero Academia is now deep into the war between the heroes and villains, and Deku has shown his [...]

My Hero Academia is now deep into the war between the heroes and villains, and Deku has shown his most heroic move yet. Now that Shigaraki has awoken from the experiment endowing him with all of All For One's stored quirks, he has begun fighting back against the heroes. But he's a bit distracted by his desire for One For All, and is now hunting after it specifically in the latest chapter of the series. Finding out that Shigaraki is heading for him specifically, Deku takes things into his own hands in order to stop Shigaraki from hurting more people.

When Shigaraki launches himself towards the source of One For All, Deku decides to go off on his own in order to draw Shigaraki away from the other heroes and evacuees. Deku pauses for a moment as everyone begins to rush away from the area, and this is when he heroically decides to draw Shigaraki away.

When Katsuki Bakugo sees that Izuku Midoriya is about to head off on his own towards the end of Chapter 274 of the series, he notices how Deku has already made up his mind to spread off on his own. Knowing that if he told anyone the heroes would have to fight to protect him too, Deku realizes that as a hero he must prioritize the safety of others over himself.

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Deku believes that Shigaraki has a way of finding him specifically despite the amount of distance between the two (which is correct as Shigaraki is utilizing Ragdoll's Search quirk), so as he and Bakugo begin making their way to a deserted area Deku calls out to Endeavor and tells the number one hero that there's a chance that Shigaraki is going to go after him specifically.

Not only is this heroic in the fact that he's going to protect more people by putting himself in harm's way, this is the closest Deku has come to revealing the secret of One For All. Endeavor already is aware of the name of the power thanks to Shigaraki muttering it, and it won't be too long before Endeavor puts two and two together.

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