My Hero Academia Sets Up Shigaraki's Fight with the Number One Hero

My Hero Academia's Paranormal Liberation War Arc is perhaps one of the biggest that the franchise has ever presented, with a clash between Shigaraki and Endeavor about to take place with the number one hero facing down against what is easily the number one villain. With Shigaraki finding himself in command of powers he had never even dreamed of, it's clear that this isn't going to be an easy battle for Endeavor to win and we have to wonder if the father of Shoto Todoroki is even going to come out of this arc alive when all is said and done.

Warning! If you haven't read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, 273, you may want to avoid the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some heavy spoiler territory for the Paranormal Liberation War!

With Shigaraki having awoken as the inheritor of the Quirk of All For One, he has donned a new outift worthy of his all powerful role. As his original quirk of decay immediately destroyed everything within his proximity following his awakening, several heroes such as Crust and X-Less were caught in the show of force, disintegrating them on impact. Though heroes such as Mirko, Eraserhead, Present Mic, and Gran Torino were able to escape, who is to say what other heroes were caught in the destructive decay.

Shigaraki, now holding dozens of super powers under his belt, calls for the awakening of Gigantomachia, the one time bodyguard of All For One and the titanic villain that is now looking out for the new inheritor of the Quirk. As the behemoth rises, so to does the odds of the heroes winning the day dwindle. The Paranormal Liberation Front has proved to be the most titanic force that the professional heroes have ever fought, and one the last page of the latest chapter, we see Endeavor ready to try his hand at taking down their leader.

So who wins in a fight between Endeavor and Shigaraki at present? Honestly, things just aren't looking too good for the flame faced hero, as Shigaraki's powers are now off the scale. We'd have to believe that Endeavor's best shot at bringing down the young villain would be relying on his experience in the field, but even then, his chances certainly seem low.


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