My Hero Academia Explains Why All For One Was Obsessed with One For All

The connection between All For One and One For All continues to be one of My Hero Academia's [...]

The connection between All For One and One For All continues to be one of My Hero Academia's biggest mysteries, and the latest chapter finally clued fans into why All For One is so obsessed with his mirrored quirk. The clash between All For One and One For All's power began far before the events of the series began, and as Izuku Midoriya begins to grow in his power (and Tomura Shigaraki the same) fans have begun to see more of this mysterious past between the two. As it turns out, there's quite a literal connection between the two quirks.

As Shigaraki begins to fully embrace the All For One quirk within himself in the latest chapter of the series, he realizes that he does not feel satisfied and that there's a burning desire within him. Then it begins to hit him that he feels a physical and mental force compelling him to go after One For All. This explains why All For One was fighting for it all this time.

From what we have seen of All For One and his brother through flashbacks, his brother has been struggling to keep One For All away from AFO. One of the more significant reveals saw how many of One For All's previous users were not outright selected like Izuku Midoriya, but instead passed on in a brash moment before their death.

My Hero Academia All For One One For All Obsession Explained
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All For One's brother has been keeping this other half of the quirk away from AFO all this time, and it seems like these two quirks are physically seeking to become whole in one way or the other. Now that Shigaraki has become All For One's user (presumably being the only inheritor of the All For One power) he is feeling that desire as well.

This mystical connection between the two abilities is one of the most intriguing reveals of the current arc of the series, and now that Shigaraki is directly involved in this way perhaps we will begin to learn more about the connection between these two mega powers as the series continues. But what do you think?

Did you expect to see All For One and One For All have such a strange connection? Does this properly explain All For One's obsession with One For All? What do you think Shigaraki will say when he senses One For All within Izuku Midoriya? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!