My Hero Academia: Shigaraki's New Costume Includes This Tragic Callback

My Hero Academia's war between the heroes and villains has taken a darker turn, and Tomura Shigaraki's new costume even brings back tragic memories because of it! Shigaraki has been slowly growing in power over the course of the latest arcs of the series, and we have finally begun to see the fruit of all of that evolution. Shigaraki has completed his evolution, and has completely absorbed All For one into himself. This "Plus Ultra" version of the villain is not only terrifying, but boasts a new look that contains a surprising parallel with his grandmother, Nana Shimura.

Reflecting Shigaraki becoming the newest user of All For One, this dark inverse has also been reflected in his new costume. After killing X-Less and taking his black cloak, he now has a darker take on Nana Shimura's cape. As noted by @levismoonpriv on Twitter, Shigaraki's cape is black with white pearls while Shimura's is white -- as in the complete opposite of All For One.

When Shigaraki was beginning to wake up into his new power, he began to see a flash of his now dead family before casting these memories aside to fully embrace his new self. One of those was Nana Shimura, surprisingly, as it was implied that hers was the final hand that Shigaraki kept longer after the other hands had been destroyed in the fight against Re-Destro.

This parallel between their two looks is definitely intentional, but the impact could be totally missed on the first time around. It's the final stamp on Shigaraki's time as one of the powers in the All For One/One For All singularity, too. Now that Shigaraki has reached what will most likely be his final form, Izuku Midoriya is going to have to work that much harder in order to catch up to the powerful villain as soon as he possibly can. Something is going to give in this fight, and Shigaraki is looking mighty strong.


Did you catch this subtle parallel between Tomura Shigaraki and his grandmother, Nana Shimura? What do you think of Shigaraki's intense new look for My Hero Academia? How does it compare to his original look? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!